Monday, 18 July 2011

Lowest Cost 2nd funitures in Town (80% new)

Call /SMS / whatsapp / Viber 81608559 (24hrs)

OneStopSoultionSG is a modern online shopping especially designed cater to resolve all level of household need. As Singapore is a fast pace moving country, time is always precious.

We are providing one stop soultion for all the furnitures needs for all different level of people. We have bed,table,sofa set, washer, fridge, ease our valuable customer's headache, we also provide delivery with only $30 regardless of the numbers of furnitures order. (One trip with lift level). Do allowed 1-2 days in advance for arrangment of transportation.

Just a few Simple step.

Browse through "button" that labelled the part of furniture you wanted.
Just browse through the different zones (bedsets, table, sofa sets,etc) on the above tool bars.
Get the item code number that tagged to the furniture you wanted.

SMS the item code to 81608559 together with when do you want the item to delivery.
(If you do not find the item that you can txt you requirement to 81608559, we will try to search our database again and advise to you accordingly)

We value our customers and friends. Do call / SMS / Whatsapp / Viber  for any enquires.
We also provide the following services:
1) Disposal of furnitures services
2) Buying back furniture.
3) Picking up of your furnitures.

Pls call /SMS 81608559(24 hours) for any enquires.
(transportation is possible for additional of $30 for delivery)
(Provided the destination is lift level)
Do send email to : if you did not find your match here..
Pls state your requirements like:
color? Budget? item description?
We also provide house / offices/ factory moving services.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

One stop Servicing Center (Just one number...All household services..A/C,painting,renovation,mover,)

One stop Servicing Center (Just one number...All household services.. A/C ,painting ,renovation, mover)
(We are here to service ur needs) (FREE QUOTATION)

Renovation (House/Condo/Commerical)
1) Painting (HDB/ Condo/ Office)
We have a group of professional painters with 10 over years of skills.
Estimated quotation as followed.
$1200 - 3 Room flats
$1400 - 4 room flats
5 rooms onward - $1600.

2) Partition, ceilings,L box.plasters of  walls for rooms/office/ house/etc.
We can provide construct partition for office and houses to increase the room space. A instant increase in revenue of additional rooms. No drilling is required.
Just a few hours job with our professional team.

3) plumbing
4) electician- wiring, addition electricial/SCV point
5) Wall patching
6) interior designing
7) carpentry /wood work
8 )  Installation of Heater
9) stucture...flooring ...marble, tile, ceramics, hom....
10) Disposal services

House/Office moving

(Cheaper transport available) Speed and reliable
van from $45 onward.
Covered lorry / pickup from $55 onward.
We have 3 lorries ,2 pick-ups and 2 vans working around the clock.
We will wrapped up yor items like sofa and mattress.
Pls txt the following details to have the right qouotation.
1)the number items /carton/ boxes.
2)Starting point and destination point.
3)Is both side lift level.
4)Estimated time and date of moving.
We provide transportation (24 hours a day/ 365 days a year)
Pls call/SMS 81608559 for enqiures
(We are the professional mover)

Aircon Servicing /Installation
1) Aircon servicing
$30/ unit for System 1or 2.....
$25/unit for System 3 or more

2) Chemical washing
3) Aircon installation
installation of Casement aircon

Only $350(Casement Aircon+installation/chemical wash/3months warranty)
Good working, $350 with aircon and installation
come with 3months warranty.
All unit chemical washed and tested in workshop.
(All casement unit are used)
Islandwide installation.

Or other System 2,3,4 aircon installation, pls call/SMS to check price.

4) Freezer/washer repair.

Call /SMS 81608559 any enquires.... Pls drop an SMS if line busy ..Thankz
(We are here to service ur needs)